$500/day using IG + CPA

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YouTube Slideshows with Amazon products (jefis Method)

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This will be my first journey here.

Why I pick this method?
I like to make videos and I want to make some money from this method.

Which software will I be using for my videos?
I will use Camtasia 8, Photodex ProShow Producer 8, Photoshop CS6, Balabolka text to speech and IVONA voices.

What else will I be using?
Domain names
Wordpress Theme

What are my goals for this journey in 2018?
Upload between 150 and 200 videos per month
Make 5 niche sites…

YouTube Slideshows with Amazon products (jefis Method)

10k Business Account, no swipe up feature??

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Hey guys, Im so confused as to this problem im having and was wondering if anyone ever comes across the same issue?

I have an account with 55k+ followers, and when i switch it to a business account. I can use swipe up feature in story just fine.

However, I recently purchased an account with 11k followers and the swipe up story option is NOT there. And yes i have converted it to a business account. I told my seller, and he logged in and was able to post a link just fine.

So what gives?…

10k Business Account, no swipe up feature??

Using “Block Followers” to Improve Engagement

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Over the past couple of months there have been an influx of threads discussing ghost followers and how to rid them in order to improve engagement. I'm curious, how many people have tried the "block followers" function on Jarvee. Under User Filters there are the options to block followers both on "Do not block likers" and "do not block commenters". For both of these settings, you are able to choose based on the past X number of posts.

For example, say you've posted 30 times over 2…

Using "Block Followers" to Improve Engagement

what i done today .

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i got a weilder and was learning to weild blind .

i had so much fun , there was to much joking going on.

i had a couple hour course at home ,
was really good fun .

my wilding was so wonkey unreal .

so i got to weild with a mig weilder .

so happy was a goal of mine .

good luck , was only posting what i got upto today for fun.

i have rebuild a engine and changed a clutch .
very proud of my self be honest .

Hey wageslaves, enjoying the view from your 10×10 inch cell?

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I've been enjoying my freedom ;)


P.S I'm not here to rustle anyone's jimmies, just motivating you to work harder :D

any ahrefs coupons?

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I am going to buy ahrefs subscription. before i sign up, I wanted to know if there are any coupons? I searched for ahrefs coupon 2018 in google and all the websites that come up are scams.

[HELP] Generating Leads in Selling Pen Testing Services and Products

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Actually, I am going to sell some Penetration Testing Products and Services in a particular area. Which platform should I use?


Need some tips to get the high amount of leads in Less Budget.