700 eur Budget – CPA?

Written by  on September 5, 2017 

Hello guy,

I just dont know right now what would be the best step to start.

My problem is, that there is a 700 eur budget and i need to start soon, becase i lost my job (again lol). So I thought about doing CPA via youtube comments and ogads and stuff, in the same time i start to build one niche site after other. webhosting is cheap and if you know well, you can host a tons of websites for this money. exactly there are many providers giving u good price for webhosting. i just dont know…

700 eur Budget – CPA? ^(http://mogaraaphulalaa.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/700-eur-budget-cpa.969796/)

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