Can sites like these be flipped?

Written by  on July 18, 2018

Best Windows hosting for SEO tools?

Written by  on June 7, 2018

Which rotating proxies do you use for Google Scraping?

Written by  on June 5, 2018

I know there's some listed here in the marketplace. Some aren't that good for scraping Google. I'd like to hear which rotating proxy providers you use. I'd also be interested in knowing how long you've used them. Some places it seems, rarely, if ever replace the proxies in their pool.

Bulk domain metrics checker?

Written by  on May 26, 2018

I'm not looking for a free service. The big companies all have limits on the amount of searches you can do. At least if you're not willing to shell out big bucks. Does anyone know of any place that has a reasonable fee that will allow an almost unlimited checks of domain metrics?

Software to open and edit large text files?

Written by  on May 24, 2018

What software do you use to open up large text files that are over 2 gigs? I'd also like to be able to remove duplicate lines of text as well.

Does adding massive amounts of links to a site work?

Written by  on May 16, 2018

I've been thinking about giving this a try. I just want to know if it's even worth the effort. I know a lot of people use comment backlinks on web 2.0 sites. What will happen if I skip that and directly link my money site? Would it rank or would Google immediately see it as spam and penalize it? I'd use quality hand written content on the money site.

What keyword research tool do you use?

Written by  on May 16, 2018

I'm thinking about getting Long Tail Pro. I'd like to know what other people use. I kind of wish I could find something that was a one time fee and not recurring. What do you use to do keyword research?

What blog posting software do you use?

Written by  on May 4, 2018

Posting to a ton of blogs in a PBN must be quite a hassle. This is a question for those of you who manage several blogs. What desktop software do you use to post to them? I'm sure it would be easier to use software than to manually log into each one.

What IG bot do you use?

Written by  on May 1, 2018

I'm thinking about giving IG a shot. What bot do you use? Why do you choose the one you're using? The last question is for those who have tried several and decided to stick with one over the others.