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Is the MacBook Pro 2018 good for IM

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World Cup 2018 Stream

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In need of 1 proxy?

Written by  on May 28, 2018

Hi guys, I need 1 proxy as I'm currently developing my account but the problem is that every service on the marketplace that I checked offers package with a minimum of 10 proxies?

Do you know a seller or a website that offers even 1 proxy?


Instagram CPA usernames

Written by  on April 28, 2018

I bought some IG accounts.

I changed the usernames when profiling.
I received a few bans just for that.

Proxy's never used.

Instagram Update?!

Written by  on April 16, 2018

Is it true that Instagram did some update that lets accounts be used only with original proxies/proxies from the same location as the account creation IP?
I bought a few aged accounts that come with proxy and tried running them. Got logged out from ISG just before the action started?

Is it possible to pay affiliates for items that I dropship

Written by  on April 4, 2018

So my thoughts are:
Getting a product for $5 via wholesaler – free shipping.

Now can I open a store with the product, put a price tag – $20.

Open a ClickBank account and get people to promote the product. Once I sell something – I pay % to the affiliate that brought me the customer.

Would ClickBank accept items that are being dropshipped?


3 Instagram accounts from home IP

Written by  on April 3, 2018

Is it a problem if I have 3 accounts from 1 IP?

1 personal and 2 business?

I'll be using a bot for the 2 business accounts.

1 website many products, few websites – 1 product

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Which one is better?

A friend of mine and I are trying to start a dropshipping store. I'm suggesting we stick with 1 product per site. He suggests we open 1 website and put a lot of products(from different niches). Which one is better? Why?

I know both have pros and cons but I can't think of some, so if you could help with that that'd be great.

Instagram Tips/Feedback

Written by  on March 31, 2018

Hi guys. I'm developing an account in the sports niche. Currently laying around 2k followers.
Now I see that a lot of people have awesome growth rate. I'm going to share with you what I do so you can tell me if I can start doing something else or stop doing something that I'm doing wrong.

So pretty much I schedule cool photos to be posted once per day for 7 days forward.

I have Instadub that is set to aggressive promoting(following,liking,unfollowing, Direct Messaging someone when they…

Instagram Tips/Feedback