Money site on parasite

Written by  on July 15, 2018

Web 2.0 and VPN/ or Proxy

Written by  on May 7, 2018

I am planning on making a number of web 2.0 .(5 or so a day)
Using the same platform.

So I am trying to figure out the best way to do it, Spoke to someone and they suggested IPvanish. This is a vpn., would this do the job to reduce the chances of delation

or should I be looking at something else , and if yes. Then what else should I be looking for?

Thank you

Domain Authority checker

Written by  on May 5, 2018

Has moz changed their DA scores?

I used https://www.robingupta.com/bulk-domain-authority-checker.html
to check http://nfl.tumblr.com/

and i get DA score of 39.
I was sure in the past it was something like 99.

Web 2.0 and isp

Written by  on April 16, 2018

I am looking at trying to get some tumblr blogs. I want to hire a VA to help me with the process.
But I need them to be made from different isp address. How can I verify that the VA is making them from different isp addresses?