My age is 19, i want to learn seo in 2018[ how to rank a site 2018 fast/blackhat ?]

Written by  on June 5, 2018

well i am a noob from a country of asia

earned some money with youtube cpa ogads

i saw large number of people earned huge money with seo

i want to learn too

please help

any suggestion will be much appreciate

any suggestion , guide , video course , udemy will be appreciate

Skrill ask for credit card statement please somebody help me

Written by  on March 27, 2018

i have accidentally add a credit card (a visa card) to my full verified skrill account.

so it temporary disable my account and i can not send money to anywhere .

today i contact them and they ask for that credit card statement

please if you guys have any psd template to create fake statement , share me

i am in big trobule , i have $900 on those account


can somebody share me a very simple eCommerce wordpress theme ?

Written by  on March 8, 2018

can somebody share me a very simple eCommerce wordpress theme ?

i would like to create a site . just very simple , with no huge image or such a bloatware

[Please help] how to stop this things in google cloud windows server 2016

Written by  on March 8, 2018


got a big problem , trying to install a software on my google cloud vps but can not , always pop up this things

can body help me to solve this issue please :(


I got my very first $60 cpa money! thanks to BHW and ogmobi

Written by  on March 8, 2018

hello all , i am 17 and i earned my very first 60$ from the internet

all i learned from BHW forum and one of my internet friend helps a lot

i made it with youtube + cpa

i know its very little amount of money but its big deal for me and i am motivate to scale up more

thanks to everyone for your help and support , lets roll out!!


Any facebook group post auto bumping bots ?

Written by  on March 3, 2018


i am looking for a facebook group post bumper auto bot , thats scrape my post from fb group and bump it in auto

if somebody know please refer me to it