I found something naughty from Apple

Written by  on January 10, 2019

[FREE] Mass Download Youtube Videos very easy

Written by  on December 30, 2018

Looking for Mexico Youtube Views HR

Written by  on July 3, 2018

Amazon Reviews Required

Written by  on June 21, 2018

Your CPA/PPC/CPM knowledge, My coding/tech skills

Written by  on June 4, 2018

Im looking for someone that is already doing good daily money. At least $70-$100 USD of daily profit after paying ads and monthly tools.

Im willing to code a platform, software in order to organize our work. And we could split 50% – 50% of memberships for that. Of course on the meantime I will have to learn and get my own campaigns and profits with the help of this partner.


Why there are so much incongruences on the Internet Business?

Written by  on May 31, 2018

Lets say I cannot scrape data from sites cause Im stealing.
I cannot automate websites cause Im violating Terms and Conditions.
Cease & Desist letters will bring you down.

But why the fuck other companies cant do massive abussive stuff?
Google crawls all the web and decides who is first.
Ahrefs.com crawl 6 billion websites and 200 million domains.
Linkedin correlates private data to attach knowledge about profiles.

Not to mention all websites that have been hacked and abused your data.

Why there are so much incongruences on the Internet Business?