Good SERPs/poor traffic

Written by  on July 11, 2018

Is someone’s guestpost article safe for my website? i mean i post it on my site for someone

Written by  on May 23, 2018

Some guy sent me 2k words article more or less related to my site.

it has 5 outbound links to his sites with exact anchor texts

i need more content on this site and ready to post it for free
but would it be considered by Google that my site is a PBN or smth like that?

SEO difficulty comparison? Global Google vs. Other countries SEO

Written by  on May 7, 2018

Anyone to share expirience in ranking for specific country with non-English content?

I just found some attractive kw's (~100k m/s, CPA monetizing ready) in my russian language , checked top3 competitors links, all have ~25 RD and not impressive at all backlinks.

I can't understand , if they really do hidden PBNs (it would be unusual if they know all blackhat tricks from BHW) or they can rank on shitty links here.

Any advice on this dreadful Google sandbox?

Written by  on May 6, 2018

i got an old auction domain for money site use

put a good long article on a homepage (unrelevant to the domain)

+ pointed good pbn links to it

in 1 month this site started performing very well = traffic and top20 ranks

in 5 days it all dropped to 0 and got frozen at all

then in 3 weeks it started performing good again

in 5 days it all dropped to 0 and got frozen at all

2 times this shit. now it is in a sandbox again, 0 traffic

what the heck?

Unrelevant auction domain 301-ed to a parasite?

Written by  on May 6, 2018

will it make some positive impact for a parasite seo page?