Why i am not able to reply on my own thread?

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web push notification – question..

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Whatsapp bulk messages.

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Where to promote adult apps?

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website traffic dropped to half

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is it ok to use .io domain?

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i know.. .com is more preffered and you all will suggest that. but .com or .net is not available ( costs 2000$ so close to no ). .io is available for what domain i want. many startups started using .io and sounds techy.

question is: is it country specific domain? yes, it is. but then will it limit my site's reach to the limited region or it will not affect for international targeting in SEO.

check this….

is it ok to use .io domain?

6 months old site. buying PBN links. whats your advice.

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no budget for building PBN.

entertainment niche. + adsense

site is 6 months old. some basic link building done like profile creation, web 2.0 and 2 guest posts.

it is difficult to get guest posts as the site is like general downloading site. site DA: 16

was getting good traffic last month but now there are lots of big players entered in that keywords and started ranking out my site.

whats your advice of getting PBN links? ok to go with it? anchor text? exact keywords or…

6 months old site. buying PBN links. whats your advice.