What kind of sports do you practice?

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19K Income Tax – What the actual fuck?

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The perfect way to start off the day

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[GUIDE] How to discover your real purpose in Life and do what you love!

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As i am reaching 1000 posts on BlackHatWorld i decided to do another thread that might benefit a lot of people. Don't get me wrong, making money is good and fantastic. But you will never be happy and free when you don't do what you love to do. I am not talking about IG and OgAds or some other money making methods.

I am talking about the stuff that you really love to do, the things that…​

[GUIDE] How to discover your real purpose in Life and do what you love!

Starting a SEO Company – Thoughts & Advice?

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I am playing with the thoughts of starting up my own SEO Company. I already got a good domain and hosting but i am still a little unsure about the whole situation. Basically i wanna use it for Internet clients and local clients in my city/area. I know that a bunch of people own a successful SEO Company here. Now i do not want to spoonfed, i don't want to know how to start the things off, but i do would like to know what kind of challenges you are facing as a SEO Company in the beginning…

Starting a SEO Company – Thoughts & Advice?

Take action and don’t let anyone diminish you!

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We only have one life. Don't live your life according to what people think about you or how they judge you. It must be you that is "OK" with the outcome. Once we start to manipulate ourselfs into justifying why we choose to do this instead of that we become a prisoner of the person that is judging us. You don't need to justify your actions because they won't understand it anyways. It's your life, it's your goal and people won't understand it just because they have a other belief…​

Take action and don't let anyone diminish you!