$664,441 in 3 Months With ONE Product (video)

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New Money Making Method

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You want it Darker?

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What’s The Facebook Surfing Method?

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Not My Proudest Fap….

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How To Live in a $3k/month house for just $300/month

Written by  on May 18, 2018

I was surfing on youtube and came across a story about Venezuela and how 90% of the people are now in poverty because of the mismanagement of the economy by the government (I know, I know… no politics – fine what ever).

Anyways… it got me thinking… "I wonder how much it would cost to rent a house down there"….

so my curiosity brought me to Air B N B…. and I found this property ….


Its a 3 bed room detached house in a private,…

How To Live in a $3k/month house for just $300/month

Who can scrape instagram users and fetch their followers for me?

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Place your bid below please… in terms cost per 1000 scraped and time.

Payment by paypal.


Automated Sales Funnel

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Get a automated sales funnel to help you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Instead of sending visitors directly to your e-commerce site, affiliate landing page or your corporate or niche site, why not first capture the contact information of the person.

This way you'll get their email details, put them into an automated email series that will build rapport with your lead and get 8 chances to…

Automated Sales Funnel

Need someone for a 5 min. job

Written by  on May 5, 2018

Nothing dodgy…

just need you to test out my chatbot (as a normal facebook user)… to make sure its working properly.

Post or PM me if you have 5 min.