What WP Theme do you Prefer?

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Reversing Colours on a WP Theme?

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Does Using a “Hide my WP” Plugin Effect SEO?

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What WP Theme/s do you use?

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Zero Bounce Equivalent?

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Alternatives to Adsense?

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How do I Grab These Games?

Written by  on April 19, 2018

Hi guys,

I noticed lot of games websites rip games from other sites. My question is, how do I get any of these games on to my WP site…https://www.starwarsgamesonline.com/

Thanks for your help in advance,


Is Anyone Pumped for the new Star Wars Han Solo Movie?

Written by  on April 11, 2018

I know a lot of you guys are Sci Fi fans here and I wanted to ask if you are hyped for the latest Star Wars Movie consideribg the lameness of the last one.

James :)

Best WP Plugins in 2018?

Written by  on March 30, 2018

Hey guys,

I know, this one crops up time and time again, but I think it's relevant because as you all know, what works in IM one year, may not the next, so my question is the old classic: what are your favourite plugins n 2018?

Cheers guys,

James :)