[HELP_POST] Adult Video Streaming Site Hosting

Written by  on September 13, 2017

HI BHW Members,
I want to Create a website like pornhub xnxx. but here i need huge amount of web space but when i said them about video site they are not suggest me to setup my video site in shared plan. they suggest dedicated hosting. but dedicted server price is so high. my budget is only $500.
i think if i found any website which provide me only web space where i keep my video and i embedded it to my website.

so can you tell me what can i do and what is perfect for me???

Please . It…

[HELP_POST] Adult Video Streaming Site Hosting ^(

[HELP] Want To Know About Adult Sites Partner Earnings!!!

Written by  on September 12, 2017

Hi BHW Members,
Yesterday i saw that if i create a partner account in xhamster, pornhub etc etc. Here they give me $1.25 per 1000 traffic. But i have not understand one things. if my site traffic saw their video in my website which i embedded to my website. in this time can i earn money ??? or i need to send traffic directly to their site??

If anyone have idea about this program please help me.
Thank You

[HELP_POST] Bet365 affiliate account Open

Written by  on September 4, 2017

Anyone please tell me how i made a Bet365 affiliate account without website.
Please Suggest me.