BHW Ungagged Vegas 2018 Meet up

Written by  on July 31, 2018

Does anyone here have an LLC?

Written by  on June 12, 2018

Would a supplier teach me how they produce their products?

Written by  on June 7, 2018

I am thinking of starting a new dropshipping store in a certain niche. I already have in mind a few suppliers/stores that I’d like to use from AliExpress. They have good stores with tons of products to choose from. I was thinking I can dropship their products at first and aim to make a few $100 per day in profit. However, down the line I would like to reduce my shipping times by trying to create these products here in the USA by getting a warehouse and the necessary tools, materials, etc,…

Would a supplier teach me how they produce their products?

Is $50 per product too much for facebook ads?

Written by  on May 28, 2018

i am planning to launch a new store in a particular niche that i think has potential. my only issue is that the minimum price for my product needs to be $50, otherwise the profits will be very low. is asking for $50 per item too much for someone from facebook ads?

iMacros is the number 1 software for IM

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i've said this before, but i believe imacros is truly the best software for internet marketing related purposes. it's just so good and it never ceases to amaze me. you can use imacros for ANYTHING. literally anything. automating your browser, extracting data, filling in forms, etc, etc. it has so many valuable uses in many areas. it is like the swiss army knife of IM. i can't think of anything that comes close, maybe scrapebox? but that is mainly used for SEO. imacros is so good because it…

iMacros is the number 1 software for IM

i failed at paid traffic doing dropshipping

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now i'm trying free traffic, let's see if i fail at that :)

Dropshipping trademarked products WORKS, but don’t do it for long

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i recently stepped into a new niche. i've been struggling to generate consistent profits for a while now so i decided to just say screw it and put up a trademarked product. this isn't knock off product, it's just something that has characters of a very popular game on it. i've only been running a facebook ad for less than an hour and i'm already seeing cost per impression at LESS THAN 1 CENT. also have a >2% CTR and already a few post likes.

i wouldn't be surprised if this thing sells like…

Dropshipping trademarked products WORKS, but don't do it for long

how do you target a facebook page’s followers with your facebook ads?

Written by  on May 19, 2018

so i found a competitor in my niche. he has a facebook page with 100k followers. he built a brand around exactly what i was thinking of doing and he has tons of people on his page sharing posts, buying his products, etc. basically a dedicated die hard fan base.

now my question is: how exactly do i take all the followers of that page and blast them with my ads? i want to create a similar store in that niche and springboard off this person's success. at first once i start getting some initial…

how do you target a facebook page's followers with your facebook ads?