subster Threatens with Negative SEO XD

Written by  on March 16, 2018

Oh my god, this funny world of SEO.
I was searching for a facebook group posting service and came across this one:

An hour after they started their "work" I figured they are just sending fake traffic with fb referrer.
I told them to stop their work as I would make use of their refund policy

I stated that I don't want to waste their time… Threatens with Negative SEO XD

Seoclerks = Seojerks – What a shady business…

Written by  on March 14, 2018

I did much business with Seoclerks Platform in the past and used it as a buyer pretty often.
I became hired for a big project, with much content and SEO needs and therefore loaded my account. I was starting my research and created my lists on what to order.

The project has been suddenly canceled as one of the owners ditched the project. OK, no problem I thought, but then noticed I can't withdraw and the money is locked in the platform.
The customer support told me I have to spend it on…

Seoclerks = Seojerks – What a shady business…