Pinterest permanent or temporary problem?

Written by  on April 17, 2018

Hey guys, last week something wrong with the Pinterest, cannot follow from window (not clickable) but i can follow while clicking on the profile each one. Is this permanent or temporary problem?

Each day I followed 200-300 people until last week which no longer possible to follow.

Total 802 followers
Total 7634 following

How to fix HTTP 403 Forbidden on my wordpress?

Written by  on April 14, 2018

Hey guys majestic show me i have error HTTP 403 Forbidden, but my website works normal, maybe anyone know how to fix it?

That’s funny to see blog with DA 1 beating DA 13

Written by  on April 8, 2018

Whats wrong with the Google? Domain authority 1 beating my website with DA 13, is this joke?

When I'm writing article on the same keywords my articles ranking on the 10 page of Google and doesn't matter the DA of my website.

When my domain authority was 1 my articles ranked better on the Google but now for keywords with below 20 difficult score on kwfinder for some reason my articles ranking on the 10+ page of Google and weak domains beating me like a joke.

I would appreciate if someone…

That's funny to see blog with DA 1 beating DA 13

Should I give up?

Written by  on March 31, 2018

Hello guys, first of all sorry because i posted in the past similar thread.

I have almost 1 year blog on personal development niche which is competitive wide niche, the only monetization method is adsense which I made $50 since created blog.

I purchased in total 40+ high quality articles on some long tail keywords with more than 1k monthly searches each and with less than 30 difficult score based kwfinder.

Spent $60 for theme $500+ for articles and $500+ for link building, mostly guest…

Should I give up?

Guest post and links question

Written by  on March 27, 2018

It is better 2 links into the article that linked to another website to 2 different posts than the just 1 link into the article?

Can i write product reviews for this kind of blog?

Written by  on March 24, 2018

I have a blog on motivation-self improvement niche which looks like addicted2success . com and i have the idea to create reviews category on the menu to write clickbank products reviews to drive traffic to one recommend course from the udemy. I will write negative clickbank product reviews and in the end of every review i will write recommended product which is udemy course. Do you think this method could work with this kind of blog? Or it's better to promote courses into the normal articles…

Can i write product reviews for this kind of blog?

Facebook Groups Method

Written by  on March 16, 2018

Hello guys,

first of all its not my method, but i found it interesting and maybe useful for some members!

I'm here to share how you can pull some traffic via Facebook Groups.

Let's start:
Prepare 2-5 Facebook accounts.
Join to same FB group with each.
Now, you need to find pictures that force interaction.
You will use 1 FB account to post into the group.
Example: CR niche, the picture is about CR vs COC
some text like: guys, you play more CR or COC?

Note: You can post no niche related…

Facebook Groups Method