Make Money Selling Vintage Jewelry on Etsy

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Does this annoy anyone else?

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(Journey) T-shirt Printful Adventure.

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Fiverr just bought me a 40 acre ranch!

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Buying Jr VIP for someone else?

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I figured that there is not much point in paying for Jr VIP and premium membership for myself at the same time. I don't want to stop supporting the forum with those contributions though so instead of getting both for myself I'm going to renew the Jr VIP and pay for someone else to get it too.

My renewal is up on the 20th for my premium membership so I have stopped the auto pay on that and want to help someone become Jr VIP instead. How do I do that, can I just pay and put someone else…

Buying Jr VIP for someone else?

Proposal dilemma – How do I structure this and get paid?

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I'm hoping to get some advice and insight into how to structure a proposal.

Should I add my fee into the proposed budget or charge my fee on top and risk scaring the client off?

The too much info why did you write so much version is down below :)


I have a client that wants help with a new brand that will launch later in the year. I'm to manage all social media and manage all influencer marketing. So anything to do with the social media including the content,…

Proposal dilemma – How do I structure this and get paid?

(METHOD) Ranking Pins on Pinterest

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