[Giveaway] I will post your article on SelfGrowth

Written by  on June 4, 2018

I have never contributed anything to this forum and many members have answered my so many dumb queries that it is still hard to return something to this wonderful place.

I Still don't have many things to contribute though nor i am making any kind of money:(. But i am working on a project and hopefully, it will turn out good.

So i recently made a selfgrowth account and got approved by them so i can post on there without any problem. This type of service is offered in many places(fiverr) at…

[Giveaway] I will post your article on SelfGrowth

[Help] Making US amazon associate as Indian

Written by  on May 28, 2018

I have applied for amazon affiliate account for USA (affiliate-program.amazon.com)
and got the account from them. I have access to the dashboard but I have not filled up the taxpayer part and payment information. I am very much confused.

View attachment 104095

After Selecting these options

View attachment 104096

And choosing these options (correct me if I am wrong. I am an individual and don't own any business
so i opted Yes in this case)

View attachment 104097


[Help] Making US amazon associate as Indian

What theme is this

Written by  on April 29, 2018

Hello there first of all i know there are many sites that tells what wordpress theme a site is using. Yes i know i can also find that by looking in page source but trust me none of them worked for me.

So, what theme is this site using?


If you guys know can you let me know?

[Help] What’s wrong with my site speed

Written by  on April 21, 2018

I am not getting what's wrong with my site speed one site is showing great and other is just killing me down. What should I do?

View attachment 102758

What should i do ??

how this site hit these numbers so fast

Written by  on April 12, 2018

To find some keywords i was rolling my head on semrush and found this site check this stats.

https://www.semrush.com/in/info/tipsclear.com [site targeted to Indian audience]

I mean to say the content is not excellent or groundbreaking,
images are not unique all are googled,
keywords are competitive,
no high authority links earned (but numbers of links are high)
site can be considered as new

with all these points how this site able to pull around 250k+ visitor per-month with…

how this site hit these numbers so fast

[Help] Site hit with latest google update

Written by  on April 4, 2018

It has been a month now that my site has not earned a single penny i have only 1 site and it got it and i am clueless about it .

Did anyone found any reason which type of site are hitted by this update ? What's the workaround it ?

Anyone else got hit too what did you done unusual. My site don't have lots of commericial items to review and affiliate links they are few in number but i don't know hy it still got targetted..

What the Heck is this?

Written by  on March 24, 2018

I am totally confused what is this and why would anyone purchase this .. This is insane or i am not getting what it is…

What is this ????? (See the video)


[Help] Need a format to do a product review

Written by  on March 24, 2018

Hello guys,

I just hired a local writer in highly affordable price (India). He is good at English so i thought he can write some product reviews, filler articles and tier-1 content. I have given him lots of instruction and now i need a format to give him to write accordingly.

Here is the format my partner provided.
Product short reviews detailing the pros and cons

This is perfect but kinda short for a newbie i think. Can you guys suggest me how to expand this…

[Help] Need a format to do a product review