How not to get terminated by youtube?

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Fucked by paypal

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Good names for a secure web hosting company?

Written by  on September 28, 2018

Good names for a secure web hosting company?

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Who knows a thing or two about travel / flights

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How risky is it calling paypal if your under 18?

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Tips for my ‘Forum’

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I have a mybb script running on a .com domain (Registered today), I have bots running that gets trending tweets from twitter and news websites and posts it into the forum in certain categorys. It also sets meta tags and images depending on the posts content.

It leaves a link to the original source too, Will this rank it well? I purposely just want to direct alot of traffic there as i have some crafty ways of monetizing it with my programming knowledge.

Please PM me for a link so you can…

Tips for my 'Forum'

Im back into the CPA Buisness :)

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Im back, lets do this:

Tips to get traffic on my link shortener site?

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A few days ago i made a link shortener site, the site functions really well its quite similar to ad-fly.

Has anyone ever had experience running these types of things and how to get maximum profit / traffic.

So far i have popads.net and im selling advertisements on the view pages with no luck.

Youtube $100+ A Day [My Story]

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Day 1:
Deciding name, programming website.
STEP TWO: Rendering a very nice banner and profile photo.
STEP THREE: Designing live-stream in OBS
STEP FOUR: Launching livestream
STEP FIVE: Ranking Livestream
Day 2:
Analyze the minimal traffic i will receive, rest is undecided.

If you have any tips let me know please.