Unique IP PBN effect for google rank?

Written by  on September 10, 2017 

Hi Masters

Do someone here have experience or knowledge about host 2 PBNs in 1 iP and those both PBNs have link to one money site? Can the money site be rank #1 if all links structure like that? And what is the risk if we do structure IPs like this?

Example :
PBN1 and PBN2 hosted in
PBN3 and PBN4 hosted in
PBN5 and PBN6 hosted in
PBN7 and PBN8 hosted in
All those PBNs point to one money site.

If someone have knowledge or maybe have…

Unique IP PBN effect for google rank? ^(http://mogaraaphulalaa.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/unique-ip-pbn-effect-for-google-rank.971267/)

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