[HAF] Sort 3,816 pictures of clocks — EASY JOB

Written by  on May 11, 2018 

See title.

I have 3,816 pictures of clocks. They need to be sorted into 144 different folders (12:45, 1:00, 3:30, 5:05, etc.)

This is really, truly, the easiest task in the world. Should be able to be completed in a day of work. Work must be completed within 48 hours from now. Ideally 24 hours from now.

Do you want to do this? Post in this thread or PM me.

$20 for the task.

EDIT: Job has been hired for. Thread is closed. Mods feel free to…

[HAF] Sort 3,816 pictures of clocks — EASY JOB

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